Short info in English

Hello! I'm Johanna, a dog-sport enthusiast from Finland. I love to train my dogs and we practice mostly agility and rally-obedience.

I breed Miniature American shepherds and Finnish lapponian dogs on a small scale. My aim is to breed healthy dogs with a nice temperament. Our dogs are fully health examined (minis: HD, ED, OCD, LTV&VA (back), eye cerf, patellas and full DNA panel incl. CDDY). 

Our dogs lives with us as pets, so we don't have many dogs at home at the same time. I want to be sure that I can pay attention and give activity enough for every dog. They are our family members! That is why I have also co-owned dogs, who live with their own family. At this moment I want only girls to live with us (because of the heats), so boys will be living other homes.

Puppies grow up in our house and they will hear all kind of sounds of every-day-life.

I have imported 3 minis from France, and sometimes I am looking for the new lines for our program. Our males are available for outside stud when they have completed their health examinations and they have been grown up. We don't use under 2 year old females to breeding and males must be at least 18 months old, but of course we prefer them to be older.